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One Size DOES NOT Fit All – Custom Foot Orthotics

Allentown Family Foot Care takes great pride in our prescription, custom-molded foot orthotics. Our team has been very successful serving some of the most challenging cases ranging from “at risk” diabetics to professional athletes and NAVY SEALs.

One size DOES NOT fit all

Some foot types do poorly with hard devices. Whereas, other conditions require specially placed pads.  And, shoe styles will dictate how much space is available within the shoe for a device. While, some patients may require an optimized sports device, which may not work in a dress-style shoe. 

Following are five key considerations that our staff needs to know to properly outfit your needs:

1.  Proper diagnosis of the foot problem being treated

2.  The patient’s particular foot type

3.  Occupational and sports activities of the patient

4.  Type of footwear the patient wears most often

5.  Degree of compromise by the patient in shoe selection

For more information, please contact us at: 610-434-7000.

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