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Vascular Doppler

Blood Flow Studies

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Non-invasive Vascular Doppler Blood Flow Studies will help our Doctors establish the need for further evaluation by a Vascular Specialist.

Poor blood circulation can make your foot less able to fight infection and to heal.

  • Delayed wound healing and infection
  • Decreased blood flow and tissue death
  • Pain or cramping while walking
  • Rest pain

Vascular Doppler blood flow studies can help detect abnormal flow within an artery or blood vessel. Team AFFC will be increasing patient evaluation for people who already have early symptoms in order to make appropriate referrals to Vascular Specialists.

In our diabetic and our smoker patients we really are concerned about the blood flow to their feet. One way this is presented is delayed wound healing. This can then lead to infection to the wound. Another thing that we sometimes see is decreased blood flow to the toes and that can lead to tissue death. If you have problems with the arteries higher up in your legs, then that can lead to pain with extended periods of walking, which feels like cramping and then if that progresses, eventually, a patient may get something called Rest Pain which is severe pain in their legs at night time.

So why is this important to us?

Well, unfortunately, all of this, if left untreated, can lead to amputation. So we will now be using a Vascular Doppler. The benefit of using this in the office is instantaneous results on your circulation status rather than wait for the results from the hospital. So next time you are in our office, make sure to ask your AFFC podiatrist if they recommend this study for you!

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