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Using E-mail to Get in Touch With Our Office

You will notice on our website that we have email features available to get in touch with us for those that are busy during the daytime hours or who prefer to use email rather than getting tied up on the phone.  There are billing, scheduling and patient feedback options.

Go to our website at and hover your mouse over “Contact Us” for all the options.

The billing inquiry email can answer any billing questions you have or you can submit new insurance or address information.

The appointment emails are to set up an appointment at any of our locations.

We also have a patient feedback email for any comments you had about your care that will help us to promote and thank our employees or to evaluate our customer service skills and serve our patients better in the future.

We also offer for you to sign up with your email to receive our newsletter with information that is pertinent to your foot health and our office.  Email addresses have been used over the past summer to surprise some patients with tickets to see the Iron Pigs play!

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