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Take Charge of Your Health

“As I grow older a part of my emotional survival plan must be to actively seek inspiration instead of passively waiting for it to find me.” ~ Bebe Moore Campbell
We all need to be active in our lives including being active in our healthcare decisions. Your first order is to fulfill your New Years Resolution by taking charge of your health, calling the office and making an appointment. We have four convenient locations, as well as day, evening, and Saturday hours available. In order for our physicians to make appropriate recommendations for your treatment, you need to be involved and active in your treatment plan. Your accurate accounting of your problems will help our physicians to treat you with the highest level of care. Please be sure to write down your concerns and bring them along to discuss at your visit. When you get to the office your visit will include information or questions that are different from what you were originally thinking and you might forget to ask a question that you felt was important to you. By recording your questions and bringing them with you, you are assured of having them answered by our staff. Make sure that before our physician leaves the room, your questions are answered and you understand the answers. It is our privilege to take care of you and your foot concerns.

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