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Watch for Heel Pain with Spring Activities

After hibernating all winter, nothing beats getting outside and getting active at the first sign of spring weather. The sudden jump in activity after months of laying low with little to no activity increases the risk for heel pain known as plantar fasciitis.

This painful condition results from inflammation of the band extending from the heel to the toes known as the plantar fascia.

Repetitive activities like a new exercise routine or walking every day can put stress and strain on foot ligaments leading to inflammation and pain.

Luckily, heel pain is usually relieved easily, but it must be caught and treated early. Heel pain can become chronic and worsen if not dealt with properly.

A foot and ankle surgeon can help you find relief with different therapies, including:

• Stretching exercises
• Anti-inflammatory medication
• Activity limitations
• Physical therapy
• Footwear modifications
• Orthotic devices

While most plantar fasciitis patients respond to non-surgical treatment, there is a chance some may require surgery. If you continue having heel pain with non-surgical treatment, you can discuss options with a foot and ankle surgeon.

Don’t let heel pain keep you from enjoying spring weather. If you’re experiencing heel pain, call our office to make an appointment so you can continue your normal activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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