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Keeping Your Feet Fabulous Pool Side: Summertime Foot Health

Summer is coming announced by a shinning sun, greening grass, and a delightfully endless blue sky. The warmer weather prompts us to bury our boots and recover our sandals from dark closet corners.  As we don our sunglasses, savor sips of lemonade and enjoy the sunshine, what can we do to protect our feet and make sure we get the most use out of the warmer weather? 

Burns: The sidewalk can be hot enough to fry an egg, now imagine what it can do to your feet. Save your souls from burning pavement by wearing shoes. Additionally, the sun can cause a nasty burn on your feet and can be prevented by applying sunscreen as directed. Treatment for burns is dependent on the severity (the degree) of the burn. 

Cuts: Apply pressure to the wound to help staunch bleeding, remove any debris and clean your cut with soap and warm-water, apply a topical antibiotic ointment and a bandage. If the wound appears to be serious please go to the Emergency room. If the injury does not improve make an appointment STAT!

Splinters and Foreign BodiesNot only are splinters/foreign bodies painful but they are also tricky to remove. If the splinter is close to the skin, clean the site and remove with a pair of tweezers, dress with a topical antibiotic and a band-aid. If the splinter/foreign body cannot be easily removed- clean the wound, make an appointment at AFFC and apply hot compresses to the site until seen by a doctor. If redness, pus (white or yellow creamy discharge) or if a fever (temperature of 101 F) develop please seek more immediate medical attention.

Bee-sting: Bees make honey and flowers but can provide for a nasty sting.  If you experience a severe allergic reaction seek immediate medical attention.  First move to a safe area and remove the stinger, cleanse the area with soap and water. Apply ice and take an over the counter pain reliever. Application of a topical hydrocortisone cream can help to reduce swelling and oral Benadryl can help to reduce itch.

Although the green grass looks inviting it can hide dangers such as rough rocks, stinging insects and sharp leaves.  Additionally, walking bare-foot can expose your to diseases such as hook worm and athlete’s foot. Despite the temptation, one should never walk barefoot, especially if you are diabetic or if you lack sensation to your feet or suffer from a weak immune system. Regardless, accidents happen and a brief review of basic first aid was included in this blog post and additional links can be found at the bottom of this post. After any foot injury, please see your doctor at Allentown Family Foot Care to ensure a healthy outcome. The summer is to be enjoyed, and as we all know happy feet make for a happier summer!

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