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Insurance Precertification

Insurance Precertification is such an important step in your insurance coverage and you will hear this term used in our office frequently, starting with your initial phone call to our office as a new patient.  We will request your insurance numbers and possibly even a phone number to your insurance company.  We will call to verify the coverage and types of benefits that are available to you.  This will ensure that certain services you have in our office should be a covered benefit for you.  An insurance company, as does our office, will never guarantee coverage.  Another type of precertification is when one of our physicians requests an MRI or CAT Scan to be performed.  We will request that you set up the appointment at a facility of your choice (make sure they accept your insurance coverage) and give our office at least three days notice so that we can contact your insurance company and get any authorization necessary for the payment of this testing.  Sometimes it is necessary for our physicians to speak directly to a physician at the insurance company to authorize this testing and that can delay the authorization.  We will also precertify any durable medical equipment that is being requested to make sure you have coverage and it can be dispensed through our office.  We are performing all of these services to make sure you do not end up with any large bills but it is all up to the insurance company when they process your claims.  We do our best to make sure our patients have the most information available to them.

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