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Don't Let Foot Pain Ruin Your Golf Swing

As you schedule tee times this spring, make sure your feet are in good shape before hitting the tee box. Pain in your big toe, heel and the ball of your foot are the most likely spots to affect your golf swing. The pain in these spots can be the result of stiff joints, stretched- out tissues and sometimes even nerve damage. No need to worry, pain relief is possible, and surgery is often not required. There are three common foot conditions that affect a golf swing.


Nerves that have thickened, become enlarged and are painful because they’ve been irritated or compressed. This pain can make it difficult to maintain a good stance during the golf swing.


Arthritis can cause joint pain in the big toe making it difficult to follow through with a swing.

Heel Pain

Other conditions including ankle instability or ankle arthritis can also affect how a golfer’s weight shifts during their swing. Achilles tendonitis can throw golfers off balance during a swing and poorly fitting shoes may cause corns and calluses make standing and walking uncomfortable, which proves troublesome during a long golf game.

Be sure your feet and ankles are in top condition before you hit the links this spring by scheduling an appointment with our office.

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