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AFFC Across the Web!

I bet you did not know this, but you can find Allentown Family Foot Care all over the web! We not only have a Facebook, but you can also follow us on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest! We are always sharing valuable information for our patients. Follow us on these sites for up to date information.

In addition to the multiple social media channels, we ask you to visit our website as well. There are many resources you can find under “News and Education”. Check out “Doctors in the News” to see articles that our doctors have had locally published. Click on “Our Blog” to view blogs written by our doctors and staff. It contains a variety of information from tips on running, to stretching exercises, to common foot and ankle problems! What to learn more about an injury or foot and ankle complication? Instead of visiting Google, visit our full Patient Education Video and PDF Library on our website: . It contains accurate information and will answer all of your questions.

Next time you’re browsing the web, make sure to check us out and follow us on your favorite social media sites!

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